Custom Cable Assemblies

Cable Types and Manufacturers:

Absolute Quality Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Stark Electronics, creates custom cable assembly and wire harnesses using the latest automation technology.  We support a variety of connector manufacturers with respect to tooling including 3MAltran MagneticsArlingtonBuchananConxallGardner BenderGCHollingsworthKleinhuisL-ComMarincoNeutrik, PanduitPomonaQuest, Steren, and  SwitchcraftTE Connectivity, and Waldom.

Absolute Quality Manufacturing offers a wide range of assemblies from discrete wire to multi-conductor cables to larger gauge wire and battery cables.  Our wire and cable lines include 3MAlphaAmphenolBeldenGeneral CableMadison Cable, and Volex to name a few.

Custom Cable Assemblies & Capabilities:

Our capabilities include cutting, crimping, potting, stripping, taping, soldering, ultra sonic welding and kitting.  Industries served include agriculture, automotive, commercial, medical, military, marine, telecommunications and transportation. Absolute Quality is Lean manufacturing capable, RoHS compliant, with JIT and Kan Ban delivery and VMI programs available.

Stark Electronics & Absolute Quality offers turnkey solutions that help you reduce part numbers and cost tied to inventory management. Absolute Quality Manufacturing builds to the IPC/WHMA-A620 standard and tests everything to ensure it meets or exceeds customer requirements.  Click here for more on IPC/WHMA A620 standards.  Also, please click here to view specific information on our wire harnesses.

You will also find us at other sites such as and  For more specific information on capabilities and specifications, Absolute Quality Manufacturing can be found in Cable Assemblies Suppliers on


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state of the art machinery including automatic wire, terminal and seal processing, crimp force monitoring, ultrasonic splicing and welding, custom molding and harness braiding.

State of the Art Machinery

Below is a partial list of the machines we have onsite in our facilities:

  • Komax 263
  • Artos CR11 (Automated Cut, Strip & Terminate machine 2011)
  • G-press (Crimps contacts on multi-conductor cable and discrete wire)
  • K-press (Crimps contacts on multi-conductor cable and discrete wire)
  • Z+F USA Automated Ferrule Crimper (Crimps Ferrules on wires 30awg-12 AWG)
  • Raychem Label Machine (Prints various labels for customers required applications)
  • R-CAM (Automated machine that Installs housings on flat Ribbon cable)
  • Hakko Soldering Stations (Mobile soldering stations)
  • Tinning Potts (Tinning Potts for RoHS & Non-RoHS applications)
  • Carpenter Wire Processing Machines
  • Carpenter Flat Cable Machine (Automated flat ribbon cutting machine for jacketed cable)
  • Schleuniger Wire Processing and Shrink Tube Cutting Machines
  • Wire winder & re-spooler (Re-spools wire to desired put-ups)
  • Stapala Ultrasound Welders (Wire)
  • Rapid Heat Shrink Conveyors Systems
  • Ashby Cross Potting Machine (Installs potting compound in boards, cables, probes et al)
  • Phoenix Contact Blue mark printer (Prints terminal block labels fast, efficient and is less expensive)
  • Ondal tape wrapping machine (Automated machine that installs tape around wire bundles)
  • Electronic tape machines (Cuts tape to desired size for required application)
  • Automatic Torque Machine (Torques to desired specification and records detailed operations)
  • Snap-on Torque tools (Torque tools used for required Torque specification)
  • Wiha Torque Tools (Torque tools used for required Torque specification)
  • Cirris Tester 1000+ (Cable tester)
  • Cirris CR Cable Tester (Test cables and downloads information for tractability)
  • Hypot (Hipot)Tester (Hypot testing capabilities)
  • Brady Wraptor (Automated label machines)
  • Cable / Shrink cut Machine (Cuts wire & Shrink to required size designated)
  • Pico Large Lug Crimper (Crimps lugs on larger gauge cable 8 AWG to 1 AWG)
  • Destructive Pull tester (Pulls cables through a destructive test to verify product acceptance)
  • Continuous Pull tester (Continuous pull tester and UL required for documentation traceability)
  • Job Time Scanners (Logs time in on work order & captures actual manufacturing times)
  • Applicators (Automatic) (Various machine applicators TE Connectivity (formerly Amp/Tyco), Molex, JST et al)